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Women loving women in Africa and Asia Women loving women in Africa and Asia

Date added: 06/11/2012
Date modified: 02/27/2013
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This comprehensive report from 2011 (500 pages) is the result of the work of a group of women from Asia and Africa who came together to research into the conditions of women in same-sex relations in their countries.

The report examines LGBT cases from both Africa (Botswana), central Asia and Bangladesh. The purpose of the project is also that the researchers will produce more products, such as books, brochures, articles, films, or other audiovisual items, to continue the fight for sexual justice.

Urgency required - gay and lesbian rights are human rights Urgency required - gay and lesbian rights are human rights

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A comprehensive and detailed book from 2008 (300 pages) about LGBT liberation around the world, including autobiographical accounts by LGBT activists as well as strategies developed by LGBT organisations from all continents.

urgency_required_coverWith starting point in the Yogyakarta Principles from 2006 the book explores concepts and strategies for taking steps towards decriminalization and equal rights and treatment. The different chapters describe the situation for LGBT individuals in Europe, Asia and Latinamerica. In conclusion, the book lists human rights principles and declarations particularly important to consider in the protection of LGBT individuals.

Universal Periodic Review: A Practical Guide for Civil Society Universal Periodic Review: A Practical Guide for Civil Society

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UPR guide2012, 20 pages

This is a very practical guide, published by the UN, on how an NGO can submit its complaints on breaches of human rights to the Universal Periodic Review. The Practical Guide for Civil Society is available both on line and as a CD ROM in English and French. As well, on line it is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Toolkit to promote and protect the enjoyment of all Human Rights by LGBT people Toolkit to promote and protect the enjoyment of all Human Rights by LGBT people

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An operational set of tools for staff in the EU Headquarters, EU Member States’ capitals, EU Delegations, Representations and Embassies to be used in contacts with third countries, as well as with international and civil society organisations, in order to promote and protect the human rights enjoyed by LGBT people within its external action.

The toolkit (2011) seeks to enable the EU to proactively react to cases of human rights violations of LGBT people and to structural causes behind these violations. The document lists the priority areas of action: 1) Decriminalisation, 2) Equality and Non-Discrimination, 3) Support and Protection for Human Rights Defenders. Besides that the Headquarters and EU Missions in partner countries have various tools and actions at their disposal, also using existing instruments and guidelines (see page 8-13). Annex 2 is also interesting as it includes elements for analysis/checklist of a LGBT human rights situation (page 17-22).

Toolkit for Schools Toolkit for Schools

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GALE school toolkit2011, 98 pages.

GALE Toolkit Working with Schools 1.0. Tools for school consultants, principals, teachers, students and parents to integrate adequate attention of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender topics in curricula and school policies.

Until now, it is very rare to see mainstream organizations focus on LGBT issues in schools. Most initiatives to improve our schools are initiated by LGBT grass roots organizations or professional organizations which are rooted in the LGBT movements. That is why this version of the toolkit focuses in part on suggestions for activist organizations on how to access schools. However, just 'dropping' information and model curricula in schools and hoping school will use them, usually does not work. To make sure the tools for schools are tuned into the needs and possibilities of a school, and of an adequate quality to ensure a significant effect, we need to work with the schools themselves. It is this LGBT & straight collaboration we are focusing with in this toolkit.

The toolkit has five parts:
1. Project implementation tools
2. Tools for managers and authorities
3. Tools for staff
4. Tools for students
5. Tools for parent

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