Main perspectives concerning the intersection of religion and LGBT issues.


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Trends in African Christian Theologies on Homosexuality Trends in African Christian Theologies on Homosexuality

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This academic article investigates the discourses of academic African Christian theologians on homosexuality. Distinguishing some major strands in African theology, that is, inculturation, liberation, women’s and reconstruction theology, the article examines how the central concepts of culture, liberation, justice, and human rights function in these discourses. On the basis of a qualitative analysis of a large number of publications, the article shows that stances of African theologians are varying from silence and rejection to acceptance.

Although many African theologians have taken up the cudgels against gay rights, some “dissident voices” break the taboo and develop more inclusive concepts of African identity and African Christianity.

Understanding LGBT issues in islam Understanding LGBT issues in islam

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2009, 16 pages

A paper by Prof. Dr. Siti Musdah Mulia, the Chairperson of Indonesian Conference on Religion and Peace. The paper discusses the view of Islam on the issues of sexuality, concluding that the biggest obstruction for LGBT people is the religious interpretation taking place. The paper proposes a new methodology in reinterpretation in order to promote Islamic humanism.



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