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Here you can find more colloquial information on life as a LGBT person in the different countries where Denmark are engaged in developmental partnerships: Magazines, references to book titles, film clips or references to these.


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Qzine no. 2 Qzine no. 2

Date added: 04/15/2013
Date modified: 04/15/2013
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Qzine no 2The second issue of Qzine, the online magazine for and about sexual minority communities in Africa.

From the editors: "For our second issue we’ve selected the most interesting contributions on the questions of identity and belonging, and clustered them around a stunning photo essay by California-based photographer Marc Allen Bland that highlights the issue of color – in both senses – and invites us to reassess our image of black queer identity."

Qzine no. 1 Qzine no. 1

Date added: 04/15/2013
Date modified: 04/15/2013
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Qzine no 1The first issue of Q-zine, the pan-African voice for LGBTI and queer youth. Qzine is a cooperative online magazine with a mission to be the most inclusive and accessible place on the internet for young African writers, photographers, artists, and activists to reflect queer life and experience from an African perspective.

Contents in this issue includes amongst others articles on and insights into life for LGBTI persons in Cameroon, Burundi, South Africa, Nigeria and Botswana.

Q-zine no. 9 Q-zine no. 9

Date added: 08/17/2015
Date modified: 08/17/2015
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Q zine 92014, 94 pages

A special issue on the diversity of the art and culture of LGBTQI and queer Afro-Caribbean communities.

Q-zine no. 10 Q-zine no. 10

Date added: 08/17/2015
Date modified: 08/17/2015
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Q zine 102014, 98 pages

Love as Revolutionary Practice is the theme of Q-zine's 10th issue, a co-edition with OurSpaceIsLove.

Gaylaxy vol IV issue III Gaylaxy vol IV issue III

Date added: 08/29/2013
Date modified: 08/29/2013
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Gaylaxy IndiaMay-June 2013, 43 pages

India celebrated 4 years of decriminalization of homosexuality
this year. But how has the life of queer people changed in these
4 years? Pakistan is also taking baby steps towards LGBT awareness.

Read more in this issue of Gaylaxy. More issues can be found at the homepage:

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