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Name:An Activist’s Guide to The Yogyakarta Principles

Activist_guide_to_Yogyakarta_Principles_-_coverAn introduction to the Yogyakarta Principles, to facilitate a deeper understanding of the Principles and to encourage their use and their promotion (2010).

The guide is targeted primarily at activists working on LGBTI issues, but is also likely to be of interest to others engaged in the promotion of human rights: grassroots human rights defenders, national equality bodies, lawyers, NGOs, and others.

Structured in four sections, where especially the third section - a collection of case studies illustrating the impact of the Yogyakarta principles - is very interesting. Here you find examples on how to challenge oppressive legal standards, develop new government policy, seek a more responsive government, educate the public and build a movement. One example illustrates how human rights training for lesbians and transgender women in Lebanon helped them mobilize a strong movement

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