Details for Fleeing homophobia - Asylum claims related to sexual orientation and gender identity in Europe

Name:Fleeing homophobia - Asylum claims related to sexual orientation and gender identity in Europe

Thousands of LGBTI asylum seekers apply for international protection in Europe each year. The European Union and European States have already taken some concrete and positive steps, such as recognising sexual orientation as a persecution ground in Article 10 of the Qualification Directive.

fleeing_homophobiaThis report (2011), however, shows that there are considerable differences in the way in which European States examine LGBTI asylum applications. As Europe aims at creating a Common European Asylum System with a uniform status, this is highly problematic. For example, LGB asylum applicants are regularly returned to countries where they have a well-founded fear of being imprisoned or sentenced to death for engaging in sexual activities with a person of the same gender.

A further example is that serious human rights violations against trans people, occurring on a large scale in many parts of the world, often do not lead to asylum. The study treats specific asylum seekers case stories from a broad range of EU countries. It focuses on 8 concrete issues which affect LGBT asylum seekers that apply for international protection: criminalization, State Protection against non-State Persecution, concealment of sexual orientation or gender identity, internal protection, credibility assessment, late disclosure, country of origin Information, reception and detention.

The report includes 9 main recommendations (page 11) and every chapter ends with a conclusion and recommendations.

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