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Name:Envisioning LGBT Refugee Rights in Canada

Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights is an international participatory action research project that is studying developments in selected nations that were colonized by the British Empire.

The report (2012) is based on a Round Table Dialogue with members of 14 organizations who work with LGBTI asylum seekers in the Toronto region, as well as two conference presentations. It provides a preliminary overview of the issues for LGBT asylum seekers, including: their experiences and obstacles; ways that service providers are trying to meet their needs; service gaps; and the impact of changes to immigration and refugee laws.

Generelly the projects participants discussed various issues related to LGBT refuge and asylum seekers.

As a important future item they stated that documenting different cultural expressions and increasing the awareness and knowledge on SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) issues in the global south should be an area for action. They also discussed how many lawyers serving immigrants and refugees are not familiar with SOGI issues, including the points raised above about understanding cultural differences. Their lack of expertise in these types of cases has the effect of putting their clients, who are refugees fleeing persecution on the grounds of sexual or gender identity/expression, at a disadvantage because they often aren’t able to properly represent the case.

Overall, there is a lack of LGBT and refugee positive services and programs, as well as insufficient training on LGBT issues. These were identified as areas for further research and recommendations.

The research project's overall recommendations are on page 12-13.

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