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ORAM_Rainbow_bridgesA community guide to rebuilding the lives of LGBTI refugees and asylees.

In a 2012 report, ORAM estimates that:

• 175,000 LGBTI persons are in peril in their home countries worldwide

• 7,500 manage to escape

• Of these, only 750 are able to access the refugee protection system

• Of those, only 350 are officially recognized as refugees

• Fewer than 200 per year worldwide currently attain resettlement based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

While the actual numbers of LGBTI persons who escape persecution will never be known, those resettled based on their sexual orientation or gender identity make up a tiny handful worldwide.

This estimate does not include those who do not reveal their LGBTI status to adjudicators, or who receive refugee protection on other grounds — race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in another particular social group.

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