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Name:Qzine no. 4

Qzine no 4The fourth issue of Qzine, the online magazine for and about sexual minority communities in Africa. In contains, amongst other things, articles by a human rights activists in Kenya, Nigeria and Burkina Faso.

From the editors: "For this special issue, which marks Q-zine’s first anniversary, we wanted to collect and share mainly the stories of straight people about their trans, bisexual, intersex, lesbian, gay or queer loved ones. Too often we are written about as if we are our own people, completely apart from our straight mothers, cousins, brothers and friends, as if these people are incapable of completely loving and growing with us. So to celebrate our first year of publication, we decided to create a space for the voices of our straight loved ones to claim us as their own. When their voices are silent, it is those that would have us disappear that seem to speak the loudest."

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