Details for Report on the Human Rights Situation of Afro-Brazilian Trans Women

Name:Report on the Human Rights Situation of Afro-Brazilian Trans Women


2012, 44 pages

Global Rights: Partners for Justice is a human rights organization working in partnership with local activists in Africa, Asia and Latin America to build grassroots movements that promote and protect the rights of populations marginalized because of gender, ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, gender orientation or disability. The qualitative research for this report was conducted in 2012 in Brazil and it examines the struggles of a group of individuals who are deeply marginalized from diverse economic, cultural, and political contexts, and who often remain subject to violence, sexual abuse, and murder. In addition to providing information and supporting recommendations on the status of the Afro-Brazilian trans population, the report highlights these individuals’ daily experiences by presenting their own arduous accounts of the struggle for survival and acceptance.

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